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Iryna is the owner and operator of her Russian Liaison, Translation Company located near Lone Tree Colorado, Highlands Ranch and Parker, just south of  Denver. She is one of the best Russian tutor and Russian Translators in the United States (also including Ukrainian) and is working towards being a  Language Acquisition Specialist. Iryna has her Masters Degree from Ukraine, her home country as well studied in the United States at ACC , just because she could, to advance her General Studies and knowledge further to better, fully, understand the English language, the different ways it is used, when and why, and to better know the slang English words and the use of them.

Iryna has traveled the world because of her interpretation and translation skills between the three languages: Russian, Ukrainian and English. You can as well open new doors, and go to exciting places by knowing a second language. If that second language for you is Russian or Ukrainian (or English if you are a native speaker of Russian/Ukrainian) then she can help.
email  iryna280685@gmail.com
I have been translating, conducting as well as simultaneously translating, conference calls, managing relationships between executives, translating and proof-reading Joint Venture Agreements, NDA's and RFP's and RFP proposals for Government contracts. I also tutor one on one locally or via the Internet. I am very good with children, I have no troubling past, with a clean background and great up-bringing. I was raised by two parents whom are still happily married (in Ukraine). My father is Russian, and speaks both Russian and Ukrainian. My mother is Ukrainian and speaks both languages as well. I was brought up speaking Russian and Ukrainian. At the age of about 16 years old, I began to study English. I then went on to earn my Masters Degree in Ukraine, and one of my Majors was the English Language (another being Scientific Documentation). I have since helped people abroad (United States) with their College Course Work, USCIS paper work and legal documentation. I continue each week, month and year, learning more. There seems to be two or three, sometimes even four or five words for every one meaning in English. I work towards understanding new and large words, expanding my vocabulary as well to understand slang that is not being taught in schools. All of this, with the experience I have gained over the past 8 years (living, growing and working in Colorado), means that I am highly qualified to meet your needs,  whatever they may be (pertaining to the Russian or Ukrainian language, culture and international business).

Colorado Russian Tutor, Liaison, Document Expert - Denver Colorado  - Russian Ukrainian Fluent Native Speaker -  2008-2018
Denver Russian and Ukrainian, and English  Tutor, Translator, Scientific Documentation & Russian / Ukrainian liaison. USCIS help, one on one coaching, work via conference calls, skype etc...