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Colorado Russian Tutor, Liaison, Document Expert - Englewood CO 80112, Denver 80111 - Bridge to Russian, LLC  2008-2018
Translations done affordably per word or per page or document. Email or call me for a free estimate.

Tutoring done one on one in person or via video conference. $25.00 to $65.00 an hour depending on needs.
In most cases an example will be provided if needed. I will also travel working as a liaison, depending on the
client, situation, and an advanced  notice.

Anything else please email or call me I will be very happy to speak with you. Thank you

I have experience translating commercially and residentially. I have done many Real estate negotiations, procurements and contingency papers. I've translated for and tutor, Lawyers and Real estate agents.  I also love to work with children. I enjoy teaching them very much and have my own. Please contact me, Bridge to Russian, for pricing or any questions. Thank you for your time.

Learn Russian Denver! It is the hottest new language and growing the most as a second language after Chinese and Spanish. Iryna can teach you the basics of the Russian language, one step at a time, making it fun and easy to learn. Learning Russian really can be fun and easy, but it also takes dedication and discipline, Iryna will help you stay focused and motivated to learn! If your local to Colorado, give her a call for a free consultation. If your not near Denver, that's okay too, she will be happy to work with you over the phone, Skype or other means via the Internet.

*Expert services for Russian tutoring, Teaching, Translations, Interpretations, Documentation and  Executive Liaison needs*