No software will ever be as good as a real person when it comes to translation. Or as good as a real life experience of being in the native home land of the language you are learning. If you can't go to Ukraine or Russia (practically), Iryna (one on one Russian / Ukrainian tutor / small business) is your next best option.

Personality and meaningful interpersonal communications can be lost  in translation, even when a third party translator is used (not jut Google translate). Imagine what can be lost when a machine is solely used to translate contextual meaning more than just words...tone of voice, facial expressions, eye gaze, native gestures, slang, sarcasm, jokes, inside meanings, hidden meanings, or other native trends, tactics or methods known to the Russian and Eastern Europe culture; this is MUCH more than just text and words!  Many things can be, well, "screwed up" when even just a few words are translated incorrectly, more over when the meaning of what was said, how it was said and why, was lost entirely!
Russian or Ukrainian translations for...

Documents & Websites:
-Personal & Confidential
-Anything you need!

-Live events /  Conference calls
-School papers/ University degrees
-Legal papers / Books / Doctrines
More than anything you need
translated, Iryna is a fun and
friendly Russian tutor as well!
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